Helpful Links - Police Department Community Resources

  1. Child Car Seat Installation website with information pertaining to child car seat installation

  2. Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS)

    A State website about criminal history

  3. FBI Most Wanted

    A website to help locate criminal suspects wanted by the FBI

  4. Hotlines and Helplines

    Toll free calls can be made for help and referrals for mental health, substance use disorders, domestic violence, parental support, suicide and other issues

  5. Identify Theft

    A Website geared to the initial reporting of identity theft

  6. Massachusetts Most Wanted

    A website to help identify criminal suspects in Massachusetts

  7. Milton Silver Alert Program

    A program designed to help at risk adults with memory impairments who have the potential for getting lost

  8. Multilingual Resources

    Information on substance use and mental health in Spanish, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Chinese, and Vietnamese

  9. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

    A Website to help find missing children and prevent child victimization

  10. Registry of Motor Vehicles

    A Link to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

  11. Mass Sex Offender Registry Board

    A State website about registered sex offenders

  12. Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

    Updated information, help and local services on substance use and mental health

  13. Social Services and Outreach Programs

    A list of places to receive help for a variety of needs

  14. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    A link to the Milton Local Emergency Planning Committee

  15. Traffic within the Town of Milton

    A link to the Milton Traffic Commission

  16. Smart911

    A Free Nationwide Enhanced 911 Program