How do I dispose of paint?

Depending on what type of paint you wish to dispose of:

  • Latex (water-based) Paint - can be disposed of through you regular trash, just make sure that all the paint is dry. Simply add kitty litter, sand, or a waste paint hardener additive to the latex paint to dry it out. Then place it curbside on your regular collection day. If you have several cans of paint you may wish to place them in a trash bag with a $3 dollar sticker, not not exceed 40 lbs.
  • Oil-based Paint - Cannot be disposed of through the regular trash as it is considered a hazardous material. Oil-based paint may be brought to the annual DPW Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day held in the fall. This year Hazardous Waste Day is on Saturday October 1st, 2022.

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1. How do I dispose of paint?
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