How does the bylaw affect residents?

The bylaw does not limit water usage for residents in any way, and should not affect a resident's day-to-day household activities. The bylaw targets three specific areas: 1) illicit connections or discharges to the municipal stormwater drainage system; 2) construction projects; and 3) post-construction plans to route stormwater runoff.

Detecting illicit connections and discharges to the stormwater drainage system will be the responsibility of the Milton DPW. Managers of construction projects will need to file a Soil Erosion and Sediment Plan with the Town, showing how soil and sediment erosion will be minimized during construction. Finally, plans to minimize stormwater runoff after the construction phase is completed will also be required.

Simply put, the bylaw allows the Town to update its stormwater management techniques, and report its progress to the U.S. EPA. The overall goal is to make sure our local water bodies stay healthy.

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