Stormwater Credit Policy

Instructions and Guidelines for Stormwater Fee Credits

The Town of Milton offers financial credits off the stormwater fee for service customers who undertake specific actions to reduce the impact of stormwater runoff on the public storm drainage system and provide an on-going benefit related to stormwater management. Credits are evaluated based upon how much stormwater you contain and manage on your own property and to what extent you implement the Massachusetts Stormwater Standards. Residential and non-residential properties may apply using the same form.

To obtain a credit for the stormwater fee: complete the application form (PDF), attach supporting documentation and submit it to the Engineering Department (Attn.: Environmental Coordinator). Please attach to the application any plans, sketches or engineering reports that indicate the location of these structures (e.g., dry wells, leaching galleys, detention basins, etc.) and the area captured by these stormwater controls or best management practices.

Applications must be submitted by September 1st, 2023 for the credit to be applied to your Fiscal Year 2024 Stormwater Bill. 

We will review the application and conduct a site visit, if necessary, to determine the appropriate fee reduction based upon the following schedule. Authorized credits will become effective for the following fiscal year after they are received.

Commercial, Large Residential (5 units or more), Institutional and Industrial

Impervious Area Mitigated(see note) Discount / Credit

Impervious Area MitigatedDiscount / Credit
10% to 19%5%
20% to 29%10%
30% to 39%15%
40% to 49%20%
50% or more25%

The maximum credit given to any property is 25% of the stormwater user fee.

Small Residential (Single-family and up to 4 units)

Due to the small lot size of these properties, credit will only be given if the owner mitigates the stormwater runoff from at least half of your total impervious surfaces. If you mitigate 50% or more of your stormwater runoff for the 10-year storm event, you would be eligible for a 25% discount.

(see note)Mitigation means that you effectively manage the stormwater runoff within your property limits by infiltrating and recharging this water back into the ground or treating and slowing down the runoff prior to discharging into the Town's storm drains. You can mitigate all or a portion of the stormwater runoff coming from your impervious area.

Note: Maintenance records are required to be submitted annually in order to maintain the credit on your bill.