School Stormwater Best Management (BMP)

Stormwater Best Management (BMP) Proposal

The wooded parcel at Collicot / Cunningham Elementary SchoolProposed Site: The wooded parcel at Collicot/Cunningham Elementary School

Informational Processes

Letters were distributed to abutters, inclusive of the one pager attached at the bottom of this webpage. The letter and one pager depicts the rendering based on a 50% Design which was finalized after recieving feedback from the abutters.

An informational meeting was held Saturday, February 12th at 10 am at the Cunningham/Collicot School Cafeteria. After the meeting there was an opportunity to walk the site. A presentation is scheduled during the virtual School Committee Meeting on June 1st at 7 pm.

Scope Of Work

The goal of this project is to advance the design of a BMP to improve water quality to Unquity Brook. The driver of this project is the long-term monitoring of Unquity Brook and results that showed wet weather non-point pollution. This BMP is designed by diverting the 1st inch of drainage water that is currently piped and passes through the site underground to an infiltration basin that would retain the water up to a maximum of 18" depth and maximum 48 hours. The water then infiltrates into the soil, replenishing groundwater supply and decreasing the harmful effects of algae and oxygen imbalance downstream. An underground treatment structure would remove pollutants that could be harmful to people and pets before water reaches the basin.

Rainbow smelt and eggsUnquity Brook

The Unquity Brook flows to Gulliver's Creek; both of which are important habitats for diadromous fish including rainbow smelt. Gulliver's Creek then flows to the Neponset River which drains into the Boston Harbor.

The  pictures show rainbow smelt and rainbow smelt eggs found in Gulliver's Creek.

Improves Water Quality

The proposed design will improve water quality by treating the 1st inch of drainage water from the 59-acre watershed upstream.

Watershed MapWatershed Treated

The following is a map of the watershed that would be treated by this BMP.

Site Design

The site is design to maintain as much of the existing grading and mature tree cover as possible. The existing depression in the site will be used for stormwater infiltration.

Benefits of Green Infrastructure:

  • Educational Opportunities
  • Reduce Erosion and Sedimentation
  • Protect Fish Habitat
  • Protect Water Supplies
  • Improve Water Quality
  • Recharge Aquifers

100% Design

100 Percent DesignFunding

The Milton Department of Public Works was awarded a Coastal Pollution Remediation Grant by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) in 2021.


The contractor awarded this project is Foulsham Corp., a local company out of Quincy; please visit their website for additional information: Foulsham Corp.  

Construction of this project will begin on July 17th 2023. Notification letters to abutters were sent on July 7th 2023.  Hours of construction will be from 7:00am to 3:00pm, and is expected to be completed within 4 weeks, weather permitting. During construction hours, a supervisor will be on site at all times. The contractor will secure all equipment and clean up daily. No major excavation will occur, and no holes will be left open by the contractor.

Please contact Jack Turner with any questions or concerns about the construction process.


If you have any comments or feedback they can be submitted using the following online form. All questions will be uploaded to this site (anonymously) and responded via Frequently Asked Questions format. We welcome your questions / concerns.

Please continue to access this site for periodic updates on this project. If you have any questions, please contact Engineering Department.