Wire Division

The responsibilities of the Wire Division Include maintaining Streetlights, Municipal Fire Alarm Traffic Lights and Town owned electric systems such as sewer pumping station electric systems.

The DPW employs two licensed electricians and owns a bucket truck for maintaining electrical systems. The Town maintains 3300 streetlights, Traffic lights at 17 signalized intersections and 400 Fire alarm pull boxes.

For more information on streetlights please see the streetlight page.

The Wire division constantly repairs and maintains the Town owned traffic lights. Lamp or LED replacement, Light posts damaged by automobile accidents, Cable failures, Vehicle detector issues, timing issues, Lightning damage are some the traffic light issues resolved by the Electricians employed by the DPW.

The Town owned and maintained Traffic lights are as follows:

  • Adams/Church
  • Adams/Granite
  • Adams/Post Office
  • Adams/Basset
  • Adams/Brook
  • Adams/Centre
  • Adams/Eliot
  • Brook/Pleasant
  • Brook/Randolph
  • Brook/Centre
  • Brook/Reedsdale/Central
  • Brook/Standish
  • St Mary's School
  • Brook/St Mary Road
  • Randolph/Centre
  • Canton/BluehillParkway
  • Canton/Highland/Thatcher
  • Eliot/Sheilds Park
  • Canton/Gile
  • Canton/Reedsdale/Centre

View a map showing traffic light locations by owner

Flashing yellow lights at: The wood St Bridge, Granite Avenue and Wood St, Adams St and Squantom St

School Zone lights at: Milton High School, Collicott-Cunningham, Glover Elementary School

If you wish to report a malfunction in a Town owned traffic light please Report A Problem Online. If the malfunction is an emergency and assistance is needed immediately call the Milton Police at 617-698-3800.

Not all Traffic lights in the town of Milton are owned and maintained by the Town DPW. The State owns and maintains the following intersections:

  • Granite/Squantum
  • Randolph/Reedsdale
  • Brook/BluehillParkway
  • BluehillParkway/Truman
  • Bluehill Avenue/Brook
  • BluehillAve/BluehillTerr
  • Bluehill Avenue/Temple
  • Shalom BluehillAve/Bradlee
  • BluhillAve/Milton
  • BluehillAve/Robbins

To report a malfunction on a State owned intersection please call Mass Dot at 617-951-6200.

The DPW electricians also maintain 400 Fire Alarm Boxes. The Fire Alarm boxes are divided into two categories, Street boxes and Master Boxes. Street boxes are around town on the roadside for general emergencies. Master boxes are also for general emergencies but are usually installed on buildings and wired to the building interior Fire alarm system providing the building with a direct connection to the Fire Department. Fire boxes are very reliable and work during power and communication failures.

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