Brush Hill

Robert Tucker HouseBrush Hill Historic District is the area of Brush Hill Road, between Robbins Street and Dana Avenue, including Brush Hill Lane and Fairmount Avenue.The neighborhood is known for Brush Hill, a 258 foot drumlin rising between Fairmount and Metropolitan Avenues and has the second oldest house in Milton, the Robert Tucker House (c.1670), in addition to large scale suburban houses and country estates of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Brush Hill area, named for a hill that had been cleared by a fire in the early seventeenth century and was covered by brush, is a semi-rural area with houses set off the street. The campus of Curry College, a post World War II campus with earlier institutional buildings, is located within this district, and retains much of the open qualities known in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Notable Houses:

  • Robert Tucker House - 678 Brush Hill Road (1670)
  • Dana Tucker House - Brush Hill Road, corner Dana Avenue (1798)
  • The Deacon Nathan Tucker House - 703 Brush Hill Road (1799)
  • James Tucker House - 823 Brush Hill Road (1804)
  • Jesse Vose House - 65 Hills View Road (1829)
  • Edward Capen House - 20 Brush Hill Lane(1811)
  • Intervale