Audit Committee


The Audit Committee is a five member committee charged with reviewing and reporting on the Town's annual audited financial statements and Management Letter. The Audit Committee shall report on the results of the annual audit to the Select Board and to the Annual Town Meeting. The Audit Committee shall annually review the performance and independence of the audit firm and report to the Select Board. 

The Audit Committee shall not conduct any audit nor is it responsible for determining or certifying that the Towns' financial statements are complete, accurate, fairly presented, or in accordance with GAAP or applicable law, nor is the Audit Committee responsible for guaranteeing the independent registered public accounting firm's report or to assure compliance with laws or regulations generally.

Audited financial statements and other financial information are available on the Accounting Department's webpage


  • Michael S. Sutphin, Chair (2026)
  • Carolyn Ferguson, Member (2026)
  • Crystal D. Kennedy, Member (2026)
  • Steven M. Kennedy, Member (2026)
  • Christopher J. Trakas, Member (2026)

Appointed By: Town Moderator
Members: 5
Term: 3 year terms
Charge: Audit Committee Bylaw/Charge

  1. Amy Dexter

    Finance Director/Town Accountant