RAD Self-Defense Program

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The national standard in self-defense Instructor Certification, R.A.D. is internationally recognized for programming quality and organizational commitment to excellence. R.A.D. Systems balance the needs of women to acquire self-defense education in a relatively short period of time, with the lifelong commitment required for physical skill mastery. How? By providing short-term training opportunities in a progressive building block format, and combining each with R.A.D.'s trademark Lifetime Return and Practice Policy! Only a unified, extensive network can provide this service, honored nationwide and throughout Canada. While other programs and/or instructors struggle to keep pace, R.A.D. Instructors share life-saving information with confidence, knowing that their lessons will be continuously reinforced for a lifetime!

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Why R.A.D.

R.A.D. is the largest network of its kind, with over 2000 instructors actively teaching at various colleges and institutions today, and almost 4000 total instructors trained to date. R.A.D. has trained over 200,000 women since the program began in 1989.

R.A.D. is the only existing program with a free lifetime return and practice policy, honored throughout both the US and Canada.

R.A.D. has developed specialized simulation techniques and equipment for use by certified R.A.D. instructors.

R.A.D. is the only self-defense ever endorsed by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA).

Lawrence N. Nadeau, Director of Instructional Development and Founder.