Parking Program

There is no overnight street parking town wide for more than one hour from 1 am to 5 am on any day. However, if you need overnight street parking for a single night, you may notify the Police Department at 617-698-3800. No one will be given permission to park on the public ways overnight during the winter months.

If a legitimate parking hardship exists, you must apply for a Parking Permit.

As a reminder concerning those vehicles that have Hardship Parking permits, the following protocol shall be followed which is taken directly from the application form: "In the event of a snow emergency, the night parking permit is suspended and the vehicle must be removed from the street until plowing operations are completed. If the vehicle is not removed it will be subject to tow action." Also, be sure to affix your overnight parking permit to the drivers side rear window of your vehicle.

Separate parking permits are available to businesses and their employees in the East Milton and Central Avenue business districts. View Business/employee Parking Areas (PDF) here. View applications for business parking permits here.

Temporary Parking permission is available for households that require on street parking for a period of several months. Examples for this need would include home construction (dumpster in driveway) or medical need. To obtain this permission please contact Lieutenant Mark Alba at (617)898-4814.

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