What to do for a Missed Pickup

If your trash, recycling, or yard waste was not picked up:

  • Check your barrels/bag for a rejection sticker. If the driver finds an issue, they leave a rejection sticker with a description of the issue. Issues may include trash without a sticker; a too-large or too-heavy container (containers should be no more than 32 gallons or 40lbs); or recycling mixed with non-recyclable materials. For more information, visit Curbside Collection Information.
  • If you find a rejection sticker, please remedy the issue and place your items out the following week for collection. Sunrise Scavenger will not return if there was an existing issue with your items, or if you were too late for pickup.
  • If you do not find a rejection sticker, an outside factor may have prevented your collection (for example, utility or construction vehicle blocking the street). If this is the case, call DPW and let us know.

Once you have determined your items were not rejected, please call the DPW trash line at 617-898-4900. Leave your name, address, phone number, and state what type of collection was missed.

Once DPW receives your message, we will forward it to Sunrise Scavenger, where it will be processed by their route supervisor for the Town of Milton. Sunrise Scavenger will dispatch a truck to your location by the end of the following day to pick up your items.

Thank you for your cooperation.