Ordering a Detail

To order a police detail, please call Communications at 617-698-3800.

Detail Rates

For all details, the hourly rate varies based on the type of work, time of day, total hours, and whether or not it is a holiday. Questions about specific rates should be directed to Margaret Walsh at 617-898-4803.

  • All details are billed at a four-hour minimum. After four hours, these details are billed on an hourly basis.
  • For a construction detail only, the detail is billed at an eight-hour minimum if the detail exceeds four hours.

Canceling a Detail

If you need to cancel a detail for any reason, call 617-698-3800 as soon as you know you no longer need the detail. We do not cancel due to weather unless you call us.

If the detail is not canceled a minimum of one hour before the start time, you will be charged a minimum of four hours.