Board of Health Regulations

The Board of Health in the Town of Milton, Massachusetts, acting under the authority of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 111 and any amendments or additions thereto, and by any other power thereto enabling, have in the interest of and for the preservation of the public health, duly made and adopted the following regulations.

Chapter 1 (PDF)Keeping Animals In The Town Of Milton
Chapter 2 (PDF)Private Wells
Chapter 3 (PDF)Flood Plain
Chapter 4 (PDF)Body Art Establishments And Practitioners
Chapter 5 (PDF)Sale Of Tobacco Products To Minors
Chapter 6 (PDF)
Smoking In Workplaces, Public Places, And Membership Association
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Fee Schedule
Chapter 9 (PDF)
Frozen Dessert And Slush Machines-retail
Chapters 10 through 15Reserved
Chapter 16 (PDF)Variances
Chapter 17 (PDF)Enforcement, Hearing, and Appeal
Chapter 18 (PDF)Penalties
Chapter 19 (PDF)Severability