Park Locations & Facilities


  • Crane Park (Memorial Site)
    • Located: Belcher Circle
    • 2 Acres
  • Milton High School Athletic Fields
    • Located: 25 Gile Road (Adjacent to Milton High School)
    • 15 Acres
  • Town Landing
    • 2 Acres

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Fishing Badges

The Milton Parks and Recreation stocks and maintains Turners Pond. Fishing badges are required to fish in this pond. Badges are on sale at the Parks and Recreation office during business hours. Cost $3 for children and $5 for adults. Senior citizens are free. A state fishing license is required for everyone over 15 years of age. State licenses are available at Massfishunt Park Department permit badges must be worn on outer clothing and visible when fishing.

Permit Guidelines for Fields

  1. All permits will designate the duration and time of exclusive use and all groups are expected to abide by the times designated and leave once the permit expires.
  2. All groups using lighted fields or basketball courts are responsible for paying the light bill upon receipt. This expense is above and beyond the exclusive use permit fee.
  3. No refunds will be processed for any group using a facility and found abusing that facility or consuming alcoholic beverages while using that facility. All groups shall be responsible for picking up their trash and properly disposing of it.
  4. Special events require approval of the Board of Park Commissioners at a posted public meeting.
  5. Use of the facility is subject to the approval of the Milton Park Department due to prevailing weather and/or ground conditions.
  6. A representative from each group shall complete and Exclusive Permit Application and shall sign on behalf of such group a Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement Form.
  7. All participants playing on Park Department fields must be properly equipped with batting helmets and full catcher's equipment.

Tennis, pickleball courts, street hockey rink, and turners pond are open from dawn to dusk.

The Board of Park Commissioners reserves the right to amend or adjust the exclusive use permit fee schedule as deemed appropriate and necessary at any time.

Call the Park Department at 617-898-4940 for permit fee costs.