Proposed Plans & Asbuilts

Sec 1-1. Proposed Plans

The following specifications are minimum requirements for the proposed plan to be accepted:

  1. All elevations shall be given relative to Milton Town Base. The following elevations are required.
    • Invert of building sewer connection at the foundation wall and at the connection to the main sewer
    • Rims and inverts of town sewer manholes at each end of service connection to town sewer main
    • Basement flow and first floor of building
    • Topography of entire work area (home, sewer, water, etc.), proposed and existing contours
    • A firm benchmark will be shown on plan to check elevations
    • Plan and profile of sewer showing lengths, slopes, pipe material and diameter
  2. A sewage flow estimate is required (110 gallons per bedroom).
  3. Location of new water service and gate will be shown on plan.
  4. All town utilities will be shown on plan.
  5. Typical details of trench and structures.
  6. French drains and dry wells will be shown on plans.
  7. Pipe Material: An individual sewer service shall be a minimum of six inches in diameter, pressure-fitted, type SDR, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe or ductile iron (class 52). Fittings and pipes shall conform to ASTM standard specifications and Town specifications.
  8. The following shall be noted on the plans in the note section of the plans being submitted:
    • Minimum pitch is 1/4-inch (2%) per foot for sewer service (max 8%)
    • All sewer services shall run in a straight line, any change in direction requires a clean-out or manhole
    • There shall be a minimum of 4' of cover above sewer service or if minimum cover can not be used, pipe will be insulated
    • A clean out is required 10 feet outside of building. Pipe will be PVC schedule 40 or ductile iron within 10 feet of the building
    • Eight inch and above mains will be independently pressure tested and manholes will be independently vacuum tested
    • Castings and covers will be town specification (LeBaron)
    • Doghouse manholes can not be used.
    • All pipes, joints, and structures are watertight. No cement mortar joints will be permitted.
    • Manholes will be cored for pipes.
    • Top of cesspool will be crushed and cesspool will be filled with gravel
    • Metallic tape will be used one foot above service
    • All chimney connections shall be encased in concrete
    • Water service is a minimum 10 feet from sewer
    • Any deviations from plan and specifications, drain layer will call professional engineer and Milton Engineering Department.
  9. The following note shall be on plans in its entirety:
    • "A preconstruction meeting with the Milton Engineering Department, design engineer, and contractor will occur prior to construction of sanitary sewer."
    • "The contractor shall not backfill any portion of the sewer trench until the pipe and manholes have been inspected and approved by the Milton Engineering Department or their designated representative."

Note: If the proposed site is within 100 feet of wetlands or within 200' of a perennial stream an Order of Conditions must be obtained from the Milton Conservation Commission and the wetlands boundary and buffer zone must be shown on the plan.

Sec 1-2. Asbuilt Plan

The following specifications are minimum requirements for asbuilt plan to be accepted:

  1. Plan and profile of all sewer services (lengths, slopes, rims, inverts, etc.).
  2. Location of any manholes, water gates, utilities, cesspools, french drains, etc.
  3. Location of all new installations and material of manholes, wyes, 3-way tees, bends, and other appurtenances.
  4. Swing ties shall be used for all sewer and water appurtenances (sewer clean outs, bends, water gates, etc.)
  5. Length to service connection from nearest manholes.
  6. Invert elevation of all sewer services at the manholes, house, and clean outs.
  7. Depth of sewer service, clean outs, and connections.
  8. Size and type of all pipes, manholes, etc.
  9. Show all utilities encountered. If damaged, show a detail on the repair.

Note: If any testing was required, all test results shall be submitted with the asbuilt plan.