Pavement Issues

Pothole Reporting:

The Milton Department of Public Works (DPW) has established two ways for Milton residents to report street potholes. Residents can call DPW Operations at 617-898-4900 during regular business hours or leave a message at that number if calling at night or on weekends. Residents can also Report A Problem Online.

Pothole repair is an ongoing operation of the Milton Department of Public Works (DPW) street maintenance program. Repairs include the patching of potholes, depressions, bumps, and other defects on Town streets. If the repair is the responsibility of a State agency or a utility, DPW will notify them and request repairs.

What causes potholes? Some causes are traffic, water seepage, and faulty road construction. Traffic that is too heavy for the pavement's design can cause cracks in the streets. The combination of increases in traffic and the natural aging of pavements result in potholes. When water seeps into the base of the pavement through surface cracks, the base material may shift to the side leaving nothing to support the pavement above it. Finally, cracks can be caused by faulty road construction or inadequately restored utility cuts.

For further information, call the Milton DPW at 617-898-4900.

Pothole Claims:

If you would like to submit a claim for damage by potholes, requests must be received in writing to:

Paige A. Eppolito
Assistant Town Administrator
Milton Town Offices
525 Canton Avenue
Milton, MA 02186

Email Paige A. Eppolito

Please describe all relevant details about the claim, including the date, time, and location of incident, as well as pictures and repair receipts if available.