Inspectional Services

Mission Statement

We are committed, as a taxpayer-funded public agency, to providing excellent service, exemplifying the highest standard of competency and the appropriate use of authority.

We are charged with the administration and enforcement of the state building, electrical, plumbing & gas, sheetmetal, and weights & measures codes, and the Milton zoning bylaw.

The goals of our charge include protecting the public from hazards associated with the construction and alteration of buildings and structures, maintaining and improving the quality of our building stock, and increasing energy efficiency of buildings through the myriad of established building codes and we try to protect property values through administration of the town’s zoning bylaw which regulates the density of buildings and certain types of blight.

We verify the accuracy of scales and meters in use within the town, which measures goods and services rendered to the general public. To this end, we strive to provide efficient and courteous service to all.