Health Department


Our mission is to achieve the highest level of wellness for all Milton residents by adopting reasonable health regulations, by providing preventative health programming and by preparing and planning for public health emergencies.

Board of health


  • Roxanne Musto, RN-C, MS, ANP, Chair
  • Laura Richards, Esq., Secretary
  • Mary F. Stenson, BSN, RN, Member

Elected Officials
Members: 3
Terms: 3 year terms


Caroline A. Kinsella, BSN, RN,RS
Health Director/Public Health Nurse617-898-4883
Emily Conners, MPH, BS Assistant Health Director617-898-4885
Anne Grossman, MSW, LICSW
Community Health Social Worker617-898-4887
Susan M. Poirier, RN, BSNPublic Health Nurse617-898-4884
Jean M. PetersonSenior Administrative Clerk617-898-4886
Stormy LeungMilton Coalition Staff617-898-4886
Margaret CarelsMilton Coalition Staff617-898-4886
Karolyn Ho, BSHealth Agent617-898-4829
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