Fire Department Memorial Archives

The Milton Firefighters' Memorial Archives is dedicated to the deceased or retired members of the Milton Fire Department and their families.

It was initially created by members of the Milton Fire Department Auxiliary after receiving a collection of pen and ink drawings donated by the daughter of Firefighter William Hicks. The sketches were done by him during the first half of the 20th Century and reflect various activities and personalities of that period.

A significant stage in the development of the Archives was when the Milton Fire Department Historian became an active and valuable contributor to the collection. With his involvement came many of the additional photos and equipment.

The collection has grown considerably since the Archives was first established in a room in the Chemical Building that was renovated by Auxiliary Fire members to house the then relatively small collection.

Memorabilia, including photos and equipment, can now be found throughout the rooms on the second floor of 509 Canton Avenue. Local individuals with an interest in the Milton Fire Department as well as Milton history have presented numerous pieces to the collection as well.

The Archives recall, through historical materials, the role played in the development of the Town and the growth of its fire department during the 20th Century and, in some instances, even earlier.

The Archives are open by appointment. Please contact Brian Doherty at 617-898-4906 to schedule an appointment.