Overview of the Engineering Department

The Town of Milton Engineering Department serves many functions. The Department is responsible for the design, oversight, and management of capital construction projects, including improvements to roadways, traffic systems, and water, sewer, and drainage infrastructure. The Engineering Department also serves to permit and inspect all excavations within the Town's right-of-way-limits and to provide parcel and utility in information to the general public. The Engineering Department maintains the Town of Milton's Geospatial Information System (GIS) database and archives.

Annual Capital Construction Projects


Each year the Engineering Department designs, bids, and oversees a major water infrastructure improvement project. These projects mostly involve removing old, unlined and clogged water mains and replacing them with newer, larger mains to increase water pressure, quality, and fire protection throughout the Town. By developing construction plans, specifications, and bid packages with in-house staff, the Engineering Department ensures that all of the project's capital funds can be spent on the construction phase of the project to get more work done, rather than funds being spent in the design phase front on consultant fees.


The Engineering Department is also responsible for the design and oversight of the Town's 10-year stormwater capital plan for improving drainage. This capital plan, which targets a specific area of Town each year, aims restore the existing drainage system to full capacity. This includes creating two bid packages per year; one for cleaning and investigative purposes, and one for repairs and construction. The investigative phase of the project includes sediment and root removal from drainage pipes and television inspection of the pipes for damage or flaws. The construction phase includes repairing any deficiencies found in the system during the first phase of the project.

Roadway & Sidewalk Paving

Each year the Town receives approximately $450,000 from State Chapter 90 funds to perform resurfacing projects on local roadways. The Engineering Department is responsible for designing and overseeing the road work each year to ensure the road network remains in good working order. A ten year roadway improvement plan is in place, where streets were carefully selected based not only on the condition of the actual roadway pavement, but also on the condition of the underlying infrastructure (water, sewer and drainage pipes). The chapter 90 funds typically allow for the resurfacing of only two miles of roadway and sidewalks annually. The Town of Milton currently has approximately 90 miles of local roadway within its borders.


The Engineering Department also oversees the Town's 10-year sewer capital improvements plan. This capital plan targets specific areas of Town each year to restore the existing sewer system to perfect working order. The main purpose of sewer maintenance is to essentially eliminate inflow and infiltration of groundwater into the sewer system, as the Town is charged by the volume as to how much sewerage it discharges from its system to MWRA facilities for treatment. Inflow and Infiltration reduction includes the lining of sewer pipes and joints from the inside, as well as the lining and sealing of manholes to prevent groundwater from entering the system.