Reedsdale Road / Brook Road / Central Avenue Intersection Improvements

Reedsdale Road, Brook Road and Central Avenue Intersection Improvements

This intersection improvement project was submitted by community members during the public outreach portion of the Town's Tier 2 Prioritization Application. This is a 5-way intersection where the section of Route 28 under the Town's jurisdiction intersects with Central Avenue and Brook Road. Pierce Middle School is located directly adjacent to the western edge of the intersection, and all of the roads serve as important network connectors for many nearby facilities in Town including the Milton High School, 2 Public Parks, Glover Elementary School, Saint Mary's Elementary School, and Milton Hospital. Limits of the work is shown in the pictured map.

The Town has reconstructed roadways and sidewalks on 4 out of the 5 legs of this intersection over the last ten years and has implemented ADA-compliant pedestrian facilities as well as bicycle facilities on each roadway during those projects. Milton also recently implemented a Road Diet funded by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Shared Streets and Spaces Grant along the northbound section of Route 28 (Brook Road) which terminates at this intersection (see description of this ongoing project on this page). The intersection signal currently supports pedestrian and bicycle facilities; however updates are needed to bring the signals into ADA compliance, reconstructing crossings to add ADA-compliant pedestrian refuge, and install new pavement markings in the intersection to help guide all types of users safely through it as they approach the intersection from formalized bike lanes and sidewalks.

Phase 1 of this project was completed by Dagle Electrical in December of 2022. Phase 2 is scheduled for the Summer/Fall of 2023 and it will include additional safety components and repaving of the intersection.