Roadway Reconstruction

Micro Paving

The Town’s paving contractor is scheduled to micro pave the following streets:

Street Name:



Adams St

Hutchinson St

Father Carney Dr

Reedsdale Rd

Canton Ave Int

Randolph Ave Int

Randolph Ave

Centre St

Brook Rd


Roadway Maintenance - Micro Paving

This work is expected on Wednesday, September 27th through the 29th (weather dependent).

Potential Traffic Control/Detours:

  • Adams St: SB Lane closure heading towards East Milton starting at Randolph Ave Intersection with detour on Randolph Ave/Adams St while maintaining one way travel NB heading towards Milton Village. Work hours: 7AM – 3PM.
  • Reedsdale Rd: Two lane closures while maintaining two way travel. Work hours: 7 am – 3PM
  • Randolph Ave: One Lane closure with alternating two way travel. Work is restricted from 8:30AM to 2PM.

General Paving

Roadways are considered for reconstruction based on the current condition of the roads as recorded by Town's Pavement Management Program which relies on inspection and rating of each town roadway. The roads slated for Fiscal Year 2023/Fiscal Year 2024 are the following:

The following streets will be paved:

  • Cheever Street (Blue Hill Avenue to Brush Hill Road)
  • Dean Road (Pleasant Street to Dead End)
  • Granite Avenue (Adams Street to Squantum Street)
  • Canton Avenue (Blue Hill Parkway to Gile Road)
  • Walnut Street (Clapp Street to Reedsdale Road)
  • Clapp Street (Breck Street to Thacher Street)
  • Columbia Park (Brook Road to Dead End)
  • Nahanton Avenue (Randolph Avenue to End of Road)
  • Brook Road/Reedsdale Road/Central Avenue Intersection


  • Milling is scheduled to begin the week of Monday, September 18th weather permitting.
  • Pavement is scheduled to begin the week of on Monday, September 25th. 

Contractor: LoRusso Corp. with sub-contractors: Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming Inc and S.U.R. Construction

To request your road to be paved, please fill out the Request for Town Way to be Paved Form. Please note: This form is for cataloging requests and for information only. Streets to be paved are at large part selected based on available funding, utility repairs, and the pavement management report