Green Home Grant

Green Community Status Pays off

Great news from Bill Ritchie, Milton's Director of Consolidated Services!!

Milton will receive $244,248 in grant funding from the MA Department of Energy Resources to fund 15 energy efficiency projects throughout town. We applied for an additional $96,282 in utility incentives so that all 15 projects would be 100% funded. Yes, 15 turn-key, energy-saving projects are coming our way.

In total, the Town of Milton will be receiving $340,530 in funding for these energy efficiency projects.

When the projects are completed, Milton's annual savings will be approximately $58,000.

While saving taxpayer money on utilities each year, we will also be reducing our overall energy usage by 393,000 kWh. Talk about a win, win situation! This is news that the tax payers in Milton should hear, so feel free to forward this newsletter!

Bill Ritchie wants to "thank our team for all the hard work over the last five years. All of our combined efforts and hard work have paid off again. We continue to be a leader in energy efficiency in Massachusetts which is remarkable."

We couldn't agree more. The Town Planning Office, Alternate Energy Committee and Consolidated Facilities Dept continue to have the best interests of taxpayers in mind while making sound, energy-conscious decisions. Sustainable Milton thanks you too!