Recycling & Composting


Recycling in Milton is complimentary. You may recycle as much material as you would like that follows single stream recycling guidelines. Milton provides each household with one recycling cart at no cost, contact if you have not received one. 

Recycle Right

The Town of Milton has launched the free Recycle Right Milton app designed to help residents ensure proper disposal of all household goods and curbside collection schedules. Here is what you can do right from your phone:

Available through the app stores for both Apple and Android devices.

Recycle Smart

There are many different types of plastics that we interact with on a daily basis, and while we might like to think they can all be recycled, not all of them truly can be. This is known as "wish-cycling". Check out the Recyclopedia to discover more about what kinds of plastics should or should not be included in our single stream and prevent improper recycling:  Home | Recycle Smart (


In towns similar to Milton, food waste is estimated to make up 20% to 40% of the total solid waste (trash) from households to landfills. With the decreasing capacity of landfills, the cost of solid waste disposal is increasing rapidly. Also, once at the landfill, food waste decomposes improperly leading to increased greenhouse gases. 

Composting will help reduce the cost of solid waste disposal for Miltonians, while limiting greenhouse gas emissions generated by food waste at landfills. Furthermore, compost greatly improves soil health which has numerous benefits, including increased CO2 sequestration.

The town of Milton does not provide complimentary compost services, but there are many ways to do so on your own!

At Home Compost

Milton's Department of Public Works offers at home compost bins, called Earth Machines, at market price ($55). Visit DPW's webpage on composting for more information and videos on Earth Machines. 

Black Earth Compost

Black Earth Compost provides curbside pickups for a wide variety of food scrap, including meat, grains, dairy, and oil/grease. Milton is partnering with Black Earth to give residents a 30% density discount with 300 subscribers in town! Weekly pickups are currently $14.99 per month, and $80 per six months after the discount. The next density discount threshold is 600 subscribers, where the rates will drop another 15%.

Milton Count: 300 Black Earth subscribers as of 10/4/2023.

Bootstrap Compost

Milton is also partnered with Bootstrap Compost to provide curbside pickup. Sign up with the code COMPOSTCURIOUS2023 and receive your first month free! After the first month your account will be updated to the $6 weekly rate. Visit their website for more details.