Campaign & Political Finance Reports

State law requires an accounting of all money received or spent in the course of a political campaign.

In Milton, the Town Clerk serves as the Town's Campaign and Political Finance Director for all local campaigns. As a result, the financial disclosure statements of candidate and ballot question committees must be filed with the Town Clerk and maintained for public inspection.

The financial disclosure statements must be on forms prescribed by the Town Clerk and include the name of the candidate or ballot question committee; the address of the committee; the committee's chairman and treasurer; an accounting of all contributions received; and a listing of all individuals who contributed over a prescribed amount. The statements also must include an accounting of all campaign expenditures.

The statements, which are filed periodically throughout the year, are reviewed and audited by the Town Clerk. The filing deadlines for Town candidates or questions are: the eighth day before and thirty days after an Annual Town Election or Special Town Election and the twentieth day of January, with an accounting of all required information through December 31 of the preceding year.

If you need further assistance contact the Office of Campaign and Political Finance.